Woman Tells Husband They Can't Share Their Lottery Winnings With His Friend — Is She Wrong?

A woman wonders if she's wrong for telling her husband they can't share their lottery winnings with one of his friends. Read on for more details.

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Jul. 24 2023, Published 3:19 p.m. ET

Lottery numbers and a comment supporting a woman who doesn't want to share her winnings
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Although winning the lottery would be a dream, it isn't always as pleasant as it sounds. There have been several stories of people's lives changing for the worse after winning the jackpot, and we just hope this woman in the popular "AITA" subreddit holds tight to her millions and turns down her husband's bizarre idea of sharing it with one of his friends.

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The original poster, who goes by the handle u/throwawaylucx, revealed she told her husband she didn't want to split their lottery winnings with one of his friends — and let's just say he wasn't happy.

Keep reading for the whole story. Plus, stick around to hear whose side the internet is on!

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This husband wants to split his lottery winnings with a friend.

The OP explained that she only recently started playing the lottery, but it wasn't until a few months ago that she won big, like really big. When she checked the winning numbers, they matched those on her ticket perfectly. She thought it was a mistake, but when she and her husband, "Adam," looked at them several times, they realized it was reality.

"It's life-changing, multi-generational, f--- you money," the OP wrote.

The couple instantly agreed to keep the news to themselves, which the OP claimed was "difficult." However, she and Adam have been smart, maintaining their same lifestyle and not making any big purchases. But with the time to claim drawing near, the pair need to figure out what they want to do with the money.

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Redditor u/throwawaylucx explains why her husband thinks she's being selfish
Source: Reddit / u/throwawaylucx

While discussing their options, Adam told the OP that he thinks it's a good idea to split the money with his best friend and business partner, "Tim." OK, automatic red flag right there.

The OP said Adam and Tim have been best friends since middle school and do everything together, including starting businesses, moving to the same town, and dreaming about their families "making it big together."

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"Since we have [taken] risks together and are so close, Adam feels it's fair to give them [one-third] of the cash prize so that 1) we are not going on this journey to a new life alone 2) it's suspicious to make all this money suddenly and more easily explained if Tim 'makes' money as well since we do everything together," the OP wrote.

Redditor u/throwawaylucx says that she and her husband have to decide what to do with their winnings
Source: Reddit / u/throwawaylucx
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The OP said she thinks it's risky to split their lottery winnings with Tim because his family "tends to be more flashy." As a result, she doesn't fully trust that Tim "will keep it quiet or modest enough to not raise suspicion."

She continued, "Also, I'm not really comfortable with his plan to add Tim and his wife as members of our LLC to claim the prize (because I think it could have them feel entitled to a bigger chunk or take the money)."

Adam told the OP that she's being selfish, adding that he "won't enjoy our newfound wealth if his friend isn't living the same lifestyle." OK, this is the most ridiculous thing we've ever heard.

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Many fellow Redditors fear the OP's husband is trying to screw her over.

As expected, Redditors agree that the OP is not the AH — but they think her husband is plotting something.

"For the [love] of god and baby Jesus, do NOT share money without speaking to an attorney," one person wrote. "Your husband is up to no good, it's written all over the wall. In neon."

Redditor u/CosmicStarchild7 commented that the OP's husband is acting bizarre
Source: Reddit / u/CosmicStarchild7
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Another Reddit user said, "The request seems ridiculous beyond words to me. It should be a giant 'NO' and an end to that conversation," while a third commented, "It's not your job to fund your husband's buddy's lifestyle."

Many other Reddit users wondered if Tim is really just Adam's "best friend," suggesting that the two are romantically involved and looking to steal the money out from under the OP. It's plausible, but what do you think?

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