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Source: TNT

How Much of 'I Am the Night' Is Based on Real Events?

By Amber Garrett

Tonight brings the conclusion of the limited series I Am the Night, starring Chris Pine and India Eisley. The riveting drama was inspired by Fauna Hodel's memoir, One Day She'll Darken, about growing up in a Black family thinking she was mixed race, only to learn as a teenager that her family of origin was all white and had a few troubling secrets.

However, it's a little too complicated to say I Am the Night is a true story. Here's what's rooted in fact and what was fabricated for the screen.

Fauna Hodel was a real person and much of her backstory in the show is true.

Fauna was born in a convent in San Francisco and her birth mother, 16-year-old Tamar Hodel, assigned her birth father as "unknown Negro." Her adoptive mother, Jimmie Lee Greenwade of Reno, NV, gave her the name Patricia Ann Greenwade. Jimmie's story of how Fauna came into her possession is taken directly from the real Fauna's memoir. She claimed she was approached while working as a restroom attendant at a Reno hotel and asked if she would be willing to adopt an unborn, mixed race baby. She agreed only to earn a big tip from the woman but when the baby was born, Jimmie was held to her promise.