"I Was Born a Dog, I Identify as a Dog": A New Trend Is Sweeping TikTok

Kori Williams - Author

May 13 2022, Published 5:59 p.m. ET

One of the best things about TikTok is being able to see all the cutest fur babies. Whether people are showing off their pets or talking about their animal-related careers, we can spend hours on the app watching this content.

Recently, there's been a new trend on TikTok that says, in part, "I was born a dog. I identify as a dog." But how did the trend start and what are users doing for it?

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What is the "I was born a dog, I identify as a dog" trend on TikTok?

The TikTok user rott_n_chugs makes content with three dogs named Peanut, Daisy, and Harley using trending pet-related sound. On May 1, 2022, the account posted a video with its own audio. It features Peanut looking like the cutest dog to ever exist as a voiceover says, "I was born a dog. I identify as a dog. But according to my mom ... I'm just a baby."

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In this audio, the first three lines are said in the same voice. But the "I'm just a baby" is from another popular audio that was created by user Little.Blooming.Women. In Little.Blooming.Women's audio, a mother is talking to her child, saying, "Coco, when Mommy says stop you say okay," to which Coco replies, "I'm just a baby." When Mom tries to reinforce that Coco should listen to her, the child doubles down with: "I'm just a baby!" The audio has been reuploaded across the app.

Now, people are using the rott_n_chugs audio to make videos about their own fur babies. Under that sound, there are tons of pet videos where people are showing off their four-legged loved ones.

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What family made the "I'm just a baby" audio?

According to The Tab, the "I'm just a baby" audio was created by mom Jordan Faeh. She created the Little.Blooming.Women account that currently has more than 303K followers.

Unfortunately, being TikTok audio famous doesn't stop the app from striking you down. In March 2022, Jordan posted a video on a backup TikTok called Little.Blooming.Women2 and said that she had been banned from the original account.

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"I recently tried to log into my account and was notified that TikTok had permanently banned my account without any warning or explanation," Jordan said in the video. She said that she had tried to reach out to the app to figure out how to get the account back with no success and reached out to fans of her audio for help.

Luckily, it looks like since that video for help has been posted, Jordan has gotten access to the account back, as there are videos posted in May 2022. On the original account, the "I'm just a baby" video has more than 80 million views.

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Although Coco truly has taken the spotlight, Jordan also has three other daughters. She homeschools all of them in what she calls the Bloom & Grow Schoolhouse and the family lives in the midwestern United States, according to her Instagram.

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