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Source: IKEA

IKEA Recreated Iconic Living Rooms from Treasured TV Shows


Everyone in IKEA's marketing department in the United Arab Emirates deserves a raise for this latest stroke of genius: the Swedish build-your-own furniture giant has created a series of beautiful living room designs that heavily draw inspiration from iconic U.S. TV shows.

If you've ever shopped at an IKEA then you're well aware of what a daunting and almost nightmarish task it can be.

The stores are basically gigantic warehouses. They're so big they even come packed with cafeterias serving up low-cost food to keep hungry shoppers going when they've just about given up on finding the perfect side table for their bedroom set inside one of IKEA's labyrinthine locations.

So it goes without saying that the company could stand to get all of the good press it can get. And it needs to be pretty darn good to help people forget that the store can pretty much ruin their relationship

"IKEA Real Life" is the kind of press that could do just that: by helping people identify the brand with some of their favorite TV shows.

For two months, folks from IKEA's UAE team worked to put together real-life living room sets inspired by The Simpsons, Friends, and Stranger Things. With a little bit of help from 3D-rendering technology, they've been able to piece together some scarily accurate renditions of the fabled living spaces we're so familiar with.