21 IKEA Memes To Revive You When You're Ready To Give Up On Building That Desk



We've all been there: the IKEA struggle. You load up your shopping cart with a bunch of low cost furniture, and after scarfing down some curiously low-priced food, you somehow manage to shove all of the underpriced stuff into your car. Then, after you're done lugging everything up the stairs, you're finally ready to start tearing open some cardboard.

It isn't until you're surrounded by a bunch of wooden pegs, scraps of paper, plastic bags, and random pieces of wood that you realize there's no going back, and your dreams of having a quaint, nice, little newly decorated dresser have been dashed.

This isn't going to be easy. You're in for a world of frustration, tedium, and tennis elbow as you allen wrench your way to a bedroom set you're not even sure you want anymore. But hey: IKEA is cheap and sleek. What more could you really want?

1. This is a cruel trick.

2. All IKEA furniture is like a giant 5,000-piece puzzle.

3. The actual happiest place on Earth?

4. We honestly wouldn't be surprised if IKEA actually sold enormous hot dogs.

5. IKEA... where imaginations run wild.

6. Who doesn't love a good Google translate fail?

7. "Excuse me, where is the Hemnes bedroom set located?"

8. This store HEALS people.

9. This is what we call a "lack of planning."

10. Did the builders of the Eiffel Tower get IKEA instructions, too?

11. You've gotta work for that IKEA job.

12. Next to "black hole" in the dictionary is a picture of an IKEA store layout.

13. Now selling snowmen!

14. Dude, where do you think you are??

15. IKEA's new slogan should be, "You'll leave our store with a lot less money!"

16. It's time for IKEA to put in some work.

17. How are their instructions so hard to follow?

18. IKEA: Making your life as complicated as possible since 1943.

19. Get ready to turn on yourself during furniture assembly.

20. It's more like "Maze Walker" than "Maze Runner."

21. Everyone deserves some mashed potatoes after walking through this store.

In all seriousness, why does a furniture store sell potatoes in the first place? And more importantly, do they taste good?


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