"I'm Carrying Your Love With Me" Is a New TikTok Trend –– What's It About?

Stephanie Harper - Author

Aug. 12 2022, Published 11:22 a.m. ET

Back in 1997, George Strait released a hit song called “Carrying Your Love With Me.” Although the song came out decades ago, it’s now starting to gain some traction with the younger generation of TikTokers.

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A music creator named David Morris repurposed the song to be used on social media and it is quickly gaining popularity among other users. In fact, because the song is doing so well on TikTok, it’s made its way to becoming one of the top trending sounds. But what is the trend all about?

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What is the "I’m Carrying Your Love With Me" trend on TikTok all about?

There’s something super sweet about the "I’m Carrying Your Love With Me" TikTok trend. People use it as a way of showcasing the love they're carrying for someone else. Some of the examples on TikTok so far have been people showing off trinkets, tattoos, pet fur, pregnant bellies, stretch marks from pregnancy, old scrapbooks, and more.

Several people on TikTok were concerned about David using a song that came from another iconic musician, though. David responded to the public about his choice to repurpose a song by George — and shut down all the negativity he might’ve been receiving in the process.

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In a YouTube comment, he wrote, “I grew up listening to King George. So many of the songs hold a special place in my heart. But ‘Carrying Your Love With Me’ in particular has always been a favorite. I’m from West Virginia and I live in Tennessee now, so you can understand why. I got the sample cleared. I got permission from the original songwriters…”

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David already has a following of 55,500 subscribers on his YouTube channel and 335,900 followers on TikTok. His connection to this trend will only lead to more of his growth across social media platforms.

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Here are some examples of the trend on TikTok.

One of the most viewed TikTok videos honoring this trend comes from a page called @GoldnTito. In the video, the happy-looking golden retriever is seen smiling after his owner shows off how much dog hair is left behind in their car.

Even when the golden retriever isn’t around, his hair is still scattered everywhere and making a perpetual mess. The owner doesn’t seem to be bothered by that though, since the hair reminds them of the love they have for their dog.

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Another funny example comes from a TikToker named @MartaMie. In her video, she gives her husband an affectionate kiss before cuddling up and leaning against his white T-shirt. Since she has so much makeup on her face, she leaves foundation residue on his shirt before pulling away from him. Even after she’s no longer in his presence, the makeup she left on his shirt remains so that he is “carrying her love with him.”

This next example of the trend is even more heartfelt than the others. The video comes from a man who goes by the name @GrandadJoe1933. As he sits down to enjoy a meal, he pulls out a small jar of his dead wife’s ashes. He mentions that she comes with him everywhere she goes, even though she’s no longer alive.

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