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Source: Twitter

The 'I'm This Old' Meme Is Straight-up Nostalgia City


Most memes are designed in such a way that they make you feel dumb if you aren't totally up on the newest, hottest internet lingo. (I am aware that the phrase "newest, hottest internet lingo" makes me sound approximately a thousand years old.) But not the "I'm This Old" meme. This meme is for old people who remember things from the past. Things like VHS tapes and those wildly ill-advised sniffable markers that we all used to shove up our noses.

The "I'm This Old" meme has people sharing pictures to describe how old they are without actually giving away their age. These are generally super nostalgic pictures of things from decades past that will make you go, "Oh yeahhhhh!" before a flood of memories whooshes into your brain. If you're old like me (born in the '80s, grew up in the '90s), get ready to be sent back in time, via meme.

1. Floppy disks

Source: Twitter

Heck yeah, so much love for floppy disks! My favorite Fisher Price bowling game was on a floppy disk. Do you remember it? It was so fun! There was also the firehouse rescue game and the one that was just, like, driving a bus and picking up kids for school. It was riveting.