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Source: HBO

You Have an Internal Narrator in Your Head or Non-Verbal Thoughts, According to Science


When Twitter user @KylePlantEmoji started a Twitter thread about the internal monologues people have in their heads, it piqued a lot of people's interests.

We've all seen movies with narrators, like Adaptation where the main character is going through their all of their thoughts and intentions, making the audience privy to whatever they think about any given situation.

And if that seems weird to you, well, apparently people actually live this way..

As you can probably tell, that idea seems absolutely crazy to me; having a voice constantly going off in your head is nuts. But to folks who have that internal monologue, those who don't have words going on in their brain all of the time seems bonkers.

In fact, 26 percent of the human population thinks in terms of words, and to hear some people talk about this phenomenon on social media, it's a constant voice that they can't shut off.