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Source: NBC

Psychologist Claims Binge-Watching 'Friends' Can Help Ease Your Anxiety


Turns out "I'll be there for you" isn't just a lyric from the Friends theme song. It's also a promise from the show to its fans with anxiety. When you are suffering from anxious thoughts, a psychologist has said, binge-watching shows like Friends can help calm you down. Netflix can't take it away now, can it? It's a public health concern!

While the show hasn't been on the air for 15 years, it remains a staple with people from all age groups. I kid you not, my 16-year-old cousin is obsessed with it, watching reruns nonstop on Netflix even though she was barely even a person when it ended. What can I say? The show has staying power, and now, according to Marc Hekster, clinical psychologist at The Summit Clinic, it has healing power, too. 

Source: NBC