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Source: Getty Images

The One Where Netflix Saves 'Friends' — But There's a Catch

By Anna Quintana

When it was announced that Friends would be taken off Netflix in the new year, die-hard fans quickly took to social media to save everyone's favorite binge-watching obsession. 

"THE ONLY REASON I HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH NETFLIX IS TO REWATCH FRIENDS. WHY @netflix ARE YOU HURTING US?" one soon-to-be ex Netflix subscriber tweeted. Another added, "If you guys ever take off Friends I will NOT keep paying my hard earned money for your service!!!"

Not surprisingly, it wasn't long before Netflix was forced to PIVOT and keep Friends in its 2019 streaming lineup. "The Holiday Armadillo has granted your wish: Friends will still be there for you in the US throughout 2019," Netflix wrote, alongside an image of Ross in his iconic armadillo costume. Netflix Canada also confirmed the news, relatably tweeting, "Friends is also not leaving Netflix Canada, so you can all keep watching 'The One Where Everybody Finds Out' another 100 times."