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Source: NBC

9 Scenes That Prove Ross Was Definitely the Funniest 'Friend'

By Pippa Raga

Happy birthday, David Schwimmer! Though he's been acting since the late '80s and has made memorable appearances since on shows like The Wonder Years, Will and Grace, and even American Crime Story, David's undoubtedly best remembered for his portrayal of nerdy paleontologist Ross Gellar in NBC's hit show, Friends.

And even though many fans were obsessed with characters like Rachel, Monica and Chandler, Ross is unfortunately often overlooked — despite the fact that he's the absolutely funniest. Sure, Chandler had his fair share of knee-slapping one liners and Phoebe had her own brand of quirky humor, but Ross' best scenes stand up all these years later.

To celebrate David Schwimmer's 52nd birthday, let's take a look at all the time Ross Gellar was objectively the most hilarious friend.