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Source: istock

Guy Wants to Know If He's a Jerk for Introducing His Girlfriend as a Model


A Redditor asked the AITA community whether or not he was wrong for introducing his girlfriend as a model even though she explicitly told him not to.

Identity issues are deeply tied into what we do for a living and for good reason: we spend more time at our jobs than anywhere else. Our coworkers, bosses, customers/clients, and the work that we do, whether we like it or not, ultimately define our existence.

Or maybe it doesn't. There are some who believe that there's a separation between your work and social lives. That the way you make a living doesn't necessarily define who you are. Personally, I think that how you go about making a living is the real mark of what kind of person you are, but I digress.

This Redditor's girlfriend happens to make her living as a professional model. Like she's signed to an agency and everything.

However, she also works as a martial arts instructor and although that career isn't anywhere near as lucrative as her modeling one, she feels that that's more indicative of what her personality is and what she represents and wants to pursue in life.