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Source: Instagram

Candace Is Back in 'You' Season 2 — but What Does It Mean?


When Season 1 of You was released on Netflix in 2018, viewers were polarized by Penn Badgley's portrayal of bookstore manager Joe Goldberg. Some thought Joe's tendency to murder the exes of his love, Guinevere "Beck" (Elizabeth Lail), was romantic in a way, mainly because of the character's brooding good looks, while others (including Penn himself) were completely freaked out by how easily Joe was able to stalk his prey and kill them.

One of the biggest mysteries of Season 1 was where Joe's ex-girlfriend, Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers) went. She was only shown in flashbacks during the first season, and many assumed she met a fate similar to basically everyone else Joe had issues with. 

But, during the finale, she returned to Joe's bookstore. And it seemed like she was out for vengeance.