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Source: Facebook

Moonshiner Josh Owens' Pup Cutie Pie Is a Survivor

By Anna Quintana

If there is anything Josh Owens loves more than moonshine, it's his pup Cutie Pie. The white furball — who is known to ride shotgun on her owner's bike — steals the spotlight on Moonshiners every time she is on the screen. 

However, Cutie Pie has been missing in action over the past few episodes, which is prompting viewers to wonder if the dog is still alive. 

Luckily, Josh is known to post updates on his pet on social media, and Cutie Pie was all smiles in a photo Josh shared on March 2018, and on Cutie Pie's official page, the last post was dated September 12, 2018. "Hey y'all still shining," the caption read alongside a fan-made blanket embroidered with Cutie Pie's image. So, we think it's safe to say Cutie Pie is alive and well.