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Source: Getty

Demi Burrett Has Gone Suspiciously Quiet and Fans Worry She and Kristian Broke Up


Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty shook the genre of popular entertainment to its core — and it all began with just one, harmless peck. 

The interior designer from Oakland, Tex. and the Los Angeles-born actress were the first queer couple to appear on Bachelor in Paradise, the reality show offering rare insight into the mysterious workings of primal instincts. 

Two months after the last episode of the show aired, we set out to investigate: Is Demi Burnett still engaged to Kristian? 

Demi and Kristian were the first gay women to appear on Bachelor in Paradise

Best described as Love Island on steroids, Bachelor in Paradise chronicles the sexual conquests and failed romantic attempts of a constantly rotating cast of models, media personalities, and everyday people blessed with the genetic makeup of a young Marilyn Monroe. Deemed as a "feminist nightmare" by New York Times' Maya Salam, the show zooms in on traditional gendered behaviors.