Desi Perkins Announces She's Expecting After Opening up About Infertility Struggles

Is Desi Perkins pregnant? The popular beauty vlogger and husband Steven detail their struggle to conceive a baby in a new YouTube series.

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May 11 2020, Updated 12:21 p.m. ET

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Beauty vlogger and social media influencer Desi Perkins has been posting makeup tutorials and lifestyle videos since 2013, and she's amassed a subscriber list of more than 3.3 million. She and husband Steven Perkins have been married since 2012, and the couple has their own YouTube channel called "The Perkins."

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While Desi and Steven's content is generally light in nature, with offerings including gardening videos and travel vlogs, the couple's first YouTube series takes on a heavy topic.

In "Our Fertility Journey," Steven and Desi discuss their seven-year struggle to have a baby. The first episode of the series dropped on April 29, and the couple's heartbreaking story had fans hoping that the end will include a pregnancy announcement.

Is Desi Perkins pregnant? Read on to find out more about the series and why Desi wants to share her story now.

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Desi Perkins details her miscarriage and subsequent struggles in "Our Fertility Journey."

The first episode of "Our Fertility Journey" oscillates between Desi's commentary in 2020 and clips from 2013 through 2017. The beginning of the episode opens with Desi giving Steven a box with a positive pregnancy test inside for his 2013 birthday present. Desi explained that she was pregnant in May of 2013, but that she had a miscarriage two months later.

She noted that she had never considered losing the baby because she was just 26 years old at the time. 

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Desi said that she also wasn't aware of how many couples struggle to have kids. 

"I was so young at that age that it never crossed my mind that a miscarriage was something that would happen to me. A big part of that is because a lot of women don't even talk about miscarriages. It's so common and it happens to so many women," she said in the video. "But no one talks about it, so it's just one of those things that you don't think will happen to you. Until it does." 

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"After the miscarriage, we decided to just keep trying and see what happens. I remember telling people 'Yeah, I'm trying, but I'm not trying. It's just one of those things, if it happens it happens.' But deep down, I was trying," she continued. "I just didn't want to admit that I was doing all I could naturally in order to get pregnant and it had not happened. It had been three years since my miscarriage, and nothing had happened."

In February of 2017, four years after she and Steven began trying to have a baby, Desi thought that she was pregnant again.

"Finally one day, I remember waking up and thinking that it might be happening," she recalled.  

She didn't tell Steven about her suspicions, and her brother bought her a pregnancy test. When she took it, it was negative.

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"There's such a huge stigma talking about infertility. I was ashamed to talk about it for a long time," she said. "I bottled up my feelings about the situation, and I didn't even want to talk to Steven about it because I just felt like talking about it would make it worse or real."

After the negative test, she came to the conclusion that she should see a doctor.

"I remember, it was hard for me initially to accept that my best naturally just wasn't enough for a viable pregnancy," she said.

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Desi and Steven went to a fertility doctor and decided to try the least expensive and least invasive option first. She began taking Clomid (an oral medication that encourages ovulation). 

Desi said that she got depressed after taking Clomid and she "wasn't fully" herself or in control of her feelings anymore. In August of 2017, she got an IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). Two weeks later, she learned that she wasn't pregnant. 

"What has been helping me a lot through this process is just telling myself it's what I have to do... it's just the way it is. And [I] need to stop comparing myself to people who just got pregnant easily..." Desi said. "This is my path and my journey." 

The episode then ended, and the couple will divulge more of their pregnancy journey, and what happened after August of 2017 in future videos. 

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Is Desi Perkins pregnant?

Congrats! The beauty vlogger and her husband announced that they are expecting their first child together on Mother's Day. "PERKINS PRODUCE! Our best harvest yet," she captioned an Instagram video of her baby bump. "Coming October 2020." 

Steven also echoed similar sentiments, writing, "As I type this I am bursting with happiness." Adding, "We are happy to announce a little Perkins will be joining the family. Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful wife." 

In the final YouTube episode of Desi's fertility journey, the couple also revealed that they are expecting their first little bundle of joy. 

We wish the happy couple all the best!

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