Peloton Instructor Jess King Talks "Why It's Worth It" (EXCLUSIVE)

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Feb. 23 2021, Updated 3:52 p.m. ET

Jess King
Source: Peloton

At-home workouts are nothing new, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (also known as COVID-19) has shifted fitness culture. With gyms being shut down during most of 2020, people were forced to use their living space as their own studio. 

If you're an avid social media user, you've probably heard your friends (or a celebrity/influencer) brag about Peloton. Though the exercise bike company was founded in 2012, the fitness company seemingly grew in popularity within the past year. 

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Seriously, it's hard not to admire the upbeat instructors, sparkly costumes, and fitness results! But is it worth the almost $2,000 price tag for the indoor exercise bike? 

Distractify spoke exclusively with senior instructor Jess King about why Peloton is a good investment, her daily routine, and more.

jess king peloton
Source: Peloton
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Jess King talks Peloton community and why it's worth it.

"Peloton is a unicorn in so many ways," Jess told Distractify. "You’re never gonna repeat the same workout, you’re never going to repeat the same playlist; the messaging is going to be different. It’s always fresh and it’s always exciting."

Though working out on a stationary bike may seem like a solo fitness venture, Jess explained that Peloton has created a "real community and the conversation extends far beyond the platform." With the presence of social media, instructors are able to connect with members and members are able to meet other members. 

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"It’s the immersive nature that keeps the engagement so high, in my opinion, as well as delivering fresh, relevant, and entertaining content that extends far beyond any workout you’re going to get anywhere else," Jess said. 

jess king peloton
Source: Peloton
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Jess King talks how Peloton has changed people's lives.

"We're not really focused on weight loss," the former So You Think You Can Dance contestant told us. Unlike other fitness companies, Jess told Distractify that she "longs for individuals to reconnect to their best selves so that they feel empowered." 

And, her ongoing positivity in her classes has seemed to have helped a lot of people in their personal lives. "The messages I get are, ‘I’ve learned to love myself. I have put away those destructive and painful habits and thought patterns and have rewritten the narrative for my life. I have healed from a divorce or breakup. I have found a new career or a path that I thought was terrifying. You’ve empowered me to go for it," the fitness influencer said.

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She continued, "I don’t even get messages around ‘Oh, I’ve lost weight,’ because that’s not something we’re putting out there or something we’re focused on. ... It is an investment in that you’re going to be spending time and energy working towards the betterment of yourself as a whole and that’s why it’s worth it. How could you put a price on your well-being?"

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Peloton instructor Jess King details her daily routine.

According to Jess, she teaches about eight Peloton classes per week, which are all cardio-based. Therefore, she likes to add in a bit of strength training three days a week. However, she doesn't just stick to one schedule.

"Every week is a little bit different depending on work stress, physical stress, emotional stress. It’s important that I’m paying very close attention to those nuisances that are happening within me and adapt accordingly," she told us.

Aside from her workouts, Jess also launched a new cooking series with her fiancée, Sophia Urista, called Ooo, Mami. The pair details delicious and easy-to-make recipes that will surely leave you satisfied. 

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