‘The Chase’ Host Sara Haines Says "It's Not OK to Ask a Woman" This Question


May 31 2022, Updated 5:21 p.m. ET

Sara Haines
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Game and quiz shows have come back into fashion recently, and a revival of the 2013 show The Chase on ABC was just what the doctor ordered. The show, which is now in its third season, is currently hosted by TV personality Sara Haines.

But in addition to her hosting duties on The Chase, Sara is also a co-host on The View. In other words, she's basically on double-duty for ABC. And in her new gigs, she's getting a lot of on-air exposure.

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While this should be a good thing, viewers at home seem to be spending too much time scrutinizing her body instead of applauding her for her talent and strong work ethic.

Sara, a mom of three, has recently been subject to body shaming. In fact, in the past month, a handful of folks typed "is Sara Haines pregnant" into Google.

Here's what to know about the situation — as well as a note from Sara on why people should stop asking that question.

Sara Haines
Source: Getty Images
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Is Sara Haines pregnant?

For those who insist on asking, the answer is currently unknown, but if we had to make an educated guess, we would say that Sara Haines is likely not pregnant. If she was expecting her fourth child, she probably would have shared the news on social media as she has for all of her previous pregnancies.

Why do people think Sara Haines is pregnant? She wants people to stop asking.

Unfortunately, it seems this question comes up for Sara every few months. Why is that, exactly?

Well, given that her career requires her to be on TV regularly, she is constantly being watched by an audience. And sadly, not everyone is nice and/or knows how to read the room. Basically, if one day Sara dons an outfit that some viewers might not find flattering, she'll probably have to pay for it with social media comments from fans and questions about whether or not she's expecting. Ridiculous, right?

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Sara previously addressed this in March 2020, as she was still recovering from giving birth to her third child with her husband Max Shifrin. On Instagram, she called out internet trolls for commenting on her weight.

"I’ve had three babies and I love the way I look, little belly pooch and all. It’s NOT ok to ask a woman if she is pregnant. It’s a delicate topic and you never know what journey someone is on. It is also flat-out body-shaming when you say someone looks pregnant," she wrote in the caption.

Sara makes an excellent point about asking women about their bodies. It's a good rule of thumb to never assume someone is pregnant and to never ask if they haven't shared anything about it.

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What is 'The Chase' all about?

The Chase is a game show that originated in the U.K. and was adapted in 2013 by the Game Show Network in the U.S., where it ran for four seasons before being revived in 2021 on ABC. Not much is different between the American and U.K. versions of the show, which follow the same structure. Contestants on the show attempt to win money by challenging predetermined game show champions, known as "chasers."

The way the show operates is that each contestant will attempt to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds. The competitor must answer enough questions to stay ahead of the "chaser" on the game board or risk losing the money they earned that round. Those who make it to the final round compete as a team, and they all share the prize winnings in the end.

You can catch Sara in new episodes of The Chase on ABC Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST.

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