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Source: Getty Images

Is Netflix's 'The Confession Killer' Based on a True Story? Here's the Eerie Truth


If you're ever in the mood to watch a good documentary, everyone knows Netflix is the place to go. The streaming service is known for airing some of the most captivating true stories brought to television, and with the latest Netflix series The Confession Killer set to come out soon, viewers can't help but wonder if the show is based on a true story. Scroll down to find out if the murder series is true or not!

Is The Confession Killer based on a true story?

Unfortunately, The Confession Killer is based on a true story. The limited series will highlight the story of murderer Henry Lee Lucas. The Netflix description for the show reads: "Henry Lee Lucas rose to infamy when he confessed to hundreds of unsolved murders. This docuseries examines the truth — and horrifying consequences."