'LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special' Could Mean Something Big for a Couple Characters

A few major things happen with major 'Star Wars' characters in 'LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special' which makes us wonder if the movie is canon. Here's what to know.

Gina Vaynshteyn - Author

Nov. 17 2020, Published 10:18 p.m. ET

is the lego star wars holiday special canon
Source: Lucasfilm

**Star Wars spoilers of all kinds ahead**

One of the greatest gifts we've been given for the holidays is the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, which plays homage to the 1978 original Star Wars Holiday Special. Star Wars fans are truly in for a treat: The premise is that Rey travels back through all of the Star Wars timelines by using a magical portal. That's right — all of our favorite Star Wars (even Mandalorian) characters get to meet each other in LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.

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rey darth vader
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Rey gets to have lightsaber fights with Darth Vader, meets Luke and Yoda, and even experiences the cultural phenomenon that is Baby Yoda (aka, The Child). One detail in the trailer that Star Wars sleuths are obsessing over is that there's one scene that shows Rey training Finn how to use a lightsaber (if you recall, it was hinted that Finn could be a Jedi, but this was disappointingly never played out). Could this mean future Star Wars movies could feature Finn as a Jedi?

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There's also a major hint that Ben/Kylo Ren didn't die after all. In order for both those things to be true, LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special would have to be canon. Let's discuss.

finn cpo
Source: Lucasfilm
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Is the 'LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special' canon?

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is not canon, meaning, although the special was produced by Lucasfilm (along with Atomic Cartoons and the LEGO Group) it's not officially tied to the main franchise. There's still debate over whether or not Rogue One is canon, and the premise of the film sets up the entire Star Wars franchise, so, it takes a lot for a story to be considered canon. Since LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special isn't canon, it has no effect on past or future Star Wars movies. That doesn't mean Lucasfilm won't ever explore Finn's Jedi abilities, though. 

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J.J. Abrams allegedly confirmed that Finn is Force-sensitive during a Q&A after a screening of The Rise of Skywalker. So, could LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special sneakily help tie up loose ends? Maybe! Since the movie is a super goofy re-telling of the series, we can't really take anything seriously though (Palpatine also "explains" how he's not only able to be alive after all this time, but have a granddaughter — and this is definitely a joke that pokes fun at the ridiculousness of The Rise of Skywalker's twist). 

Canon or not, most people are still delighted with the special. "LEGO Star Wars - The Holiday Special absolutely delivered. Absolute cinema. Nothing quite like it," one person tweeted.

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One could even argue that the special was better than The Rise of Skywalker. This person did, tweeting, "the way the lego star wars holiday special was better than TROS...."

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And if you really want to watch the original Star Wars Holiday Special, you can stream it for free on YouTube. Just a fair warning...It's not very good.

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Stream LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special now on Disney+.

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