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Source: Nintendo

The Rules of 'Untitled Goose Game' Are Simple and That's Why It's Perfect


Untitled Goose Game has been sweeping the nation since its highly anticipated release earlier this month. The game — which is now available for Nintendo Switch and PC — allows you to play an obnoxious goose who honks at townspeople and steals their belongings. 

And if you're looking to purchase the newest video game phenomenon, you may have a few questions. First off, is Untitled Goose Game multiplayer? Additionally, how much does it cost? Here's absolutely everything you need to know.

Is Untitled Goose Game multiplayer? It only has one mode.

Untitled Goose Game only has single player mode, according to Gamepur, with no option to play multiplayer. So if you're a ~single lady~ or if you simply just don't like sharing, you're in luck.