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Source: YouTube

You Can Let All Your Annoying Urges Loose in 'Untitled Goose Game'


Unless you've been living under a Twitter-less rock, you've most likely heard about the latest meme-worthy creation from game development company, House House, ironically titled 'Untitled Goose Game.'

After its release on Sept. 20, the game — which is available for PC and Nintendo Switch — immediately gained notoriety. Players are overjoyed by the opportunity to take on the persona of an annoying goose, who must fulfill its duties to terrorize an entire village.

"It's a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose." — House House

That's the name of the game. You are a goose, and your goal is to ruin the lives of everyone in the village. 

You steal hats, trample people's gardens, and — most importantly — you honk. To get a better idea of the concept behind the game, watch the trailer, below. It should properly answer any further questions you might have.