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Source: victor musical industries

Pro-Tip: For Extreme Disappointment, Try These Video Game Techniques IRL


It takes about three seconds of playing Super Mario Bros. to realize that what might help everyone's favorite red-overall-rocking plumber get out of trouble is much different than what'll help a human being in the real world escape peril.

I grew up playing way too many video games and not spending enough time outdoors and, you know, interacting with reality, but even I understand the pitfalls of trying to implement "video game logic" in everyday activities.

Turtles aren't fun to jump on. Eating mushrooms you find at random won't make you grow taller — if they do, you're probably just tripping balls. Or you're dying because you ingested some toxic spores and your mind's playing tricks on you.

There's plenty of examples of things that might work in video games that just won't cut it out in the real world.