These Wild Rumors About Jett and "Pookie" Puckett Are Decidedly Not True

Sara Belcher - Author

Feb. 1 2024, Published 5:46 p.m. ET

Whether or not you're a fan of their relationship, Jett and Campbell Puckett are going viral. The couple initially started making the rounds on TikTok when a video of Jett lovingly calling his wife "Pookie" during a date night outfit video was seen by six million people, and like most influencers, people wanted to know more.

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We know both Jett and Campbell are independently wealthy, but there are some rumors swirling about a potential prenup the two signed before they married — and the alleged terms are a little ridiculous.

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There are wacky rumors about what's in Campbell and Jett Puckett's prenup.

There's been a lot of discussion (and some bashing) of the couple online, but one of the wackiest rumors circulating the internet involves their alleged prenup. According to alleged former friends of the Campbell's, a condition in the prenup was that Campbell would have to get plastic surgery.

Legally, though, such a clause likely couldn't have been included in a prenup, as such a document is confined to financial matters between a couple instead of personal matters. It's possible such an agreement was made between Jett and Campbell during their engagement or marriage, though there's likely no legal document cementing such a thing in place.

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Obviously, we are unable to verify if there was a prenup signed between the couple when they married, nor could we tell you what the terms of the prenup are.

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Did Jett's best man rate Campbell in his speech at their wedding?

Having relationships go awry after a wedding isn't uncommon, and there are allegedly many former bridesmaids who Another wild rumor floating around about the pair's marriage is that Jett's best man speech was used to bash Campbell, with one alleged former friend saying he rated her a "six" at the rehearsal dinner.

"Jett’s best man made a speech at their wedding and said that they all thought Campbell was a '6,'" one Redditor claimed. "I forget how I know this information but it’s in this [subreddit] lol."

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"In addition to being called a 6 at the rehearsal dinner, one of Jett's groomsmen recounted how Jett would place Campbell on the 'hot/crazy' scale from How I Met Your Mother after each date," a Redditor claiming to be dating a former bridesmaid of Campbell's wrote. "Campbell was teary eyed the entire time."

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Though we cannot confirm the details of what happened at the wedding, Jett's best man's speech was posted on YouTube. Though the best man took a couple of digs at his and Jett's longtime friendship, no where in the speech did he rate Campbell on any scale. In fact, he ended the speech with well wishes for the couple.

"Life will get in the way, and you'll end up with bumps and bruises, but one thing will never change, and that's Jett's love for you," he toasted during the rehearsal dinner.

The internet is filled with some wild rumors, and though Campbell has found herself in some hot water over old photos circulating the internet, not everything you read about this couple is true.

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