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People Share Their Job Interview Tricks That Work Every Time


Especially these days, it's difficult to land a job. There are so many reasons for this, but you don't want the interview to be the reason you didn't get the gig. Recently, the people of Reddit came together to share their best tips and tricks for nailing your next job interview, impressing your potential future employer, and getting the job. Here are some of our favorite ones. 

Don't ramble.

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This first one is so important and something I totally have not mastered yet. CautiousPie says that it's important to learn that "not all of those awkward silences need to be filled by your rambling." Heck yes. This is a great one. Don't feel like you have to keep talking just because your interviewer doesn't cut you off. Answer their question precisely and concisely, then shut your mouth and wait for the next prompt.