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Source: Netflix

What Actually Happened to Joe's Mom in 'You' Season 2?


If you haven't watched Season 2 ofYou yet, spoilers are definitely ahead. In Season 2 we have Joe (Penn Badgley) leaving New York and all those pesky murders behind him. His goal is to start fresh in Los Angeles — he's got a new name (Will), a new job at a book store, and obviously a new love interest, literally named Love (Victoria Pedretti). But just because Joe has a whole new life doesn't mean he's a whole new person. Obviously Season 2 has Joe become murder-y again, but at least we learn why he is the way he is: His mom.

Season 2 finally dives into Joe's childhood, which is important, since most serial killers typically come from messed up families. We knew Joe spent his teen years as an apprentice under Mr. Mooney, who basically took him in. While Mooney taught Joe the artistry of preserving books (or whatever it is you need to know when you run a book store), he was also cruel to him. Basically, we knew Joe didn't have a jolly childhood, but we didn't know the extent of how bad it really was.