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Source: Warner Bros.

Now That 'Joker' Has Grossed Over a Billion Dollars, There's Talk of a Possible Sequel


Joker is one of the most successful films in recent history: it's not only the highest grossing rated-R movie of all time but one of the most profitable too. With a modest budget of $55 million, director Todd Phillips managed to strike a chord with audiences by picking a strong direction for the film, making it as gorgeous-looking as possible, and relying heavily on a character-driven arc with the film's lead.

It continues to captivate audiences worldwide, which has fans clamoring for a sequel.

But merely entertaining the idea of a Part 2 for the film is a problematic venture, at best. Warner Bros. never expected Joker to be as successful as it is, in fact, they had hesitations about greenlighting it in the first place. Todd Phillips went on the record prior to the release of the movie, insisting that it would be a standalone project and not a "world-building" film, similar to the vein of what DC attempted before or what Marvel is currently doing so well.