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The Jonas Brothers Just Mysteriously Texted Fans "Happiness Continues" — Here's What That Probably Means



There's a special place in our hearts for the Jonas Brothers. We grew up listening to brothers Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas, the boy band none of us could escape from even if we tried. They were everywhere from 2005 to 2013 — the Disney Channel, the radio, MTV, our newly created Instagram feeds, you name it. When they announced their split in 2013 after canceling a major tour in October over "creative differences" we were heartbroken. They were brothers! Couldn't they fix this? 

Not for awhile. But the pop trio did finally reunite in 2019 and came out with their fifth studio album, Happiness Begins. The brothers started performing again, even debuting a new single at the 62nd Grammy Awards earlier this year. In fact, their very first Las Vegas residency was slotted to begin April 1, but plans were unfortunately put on pause due to the COVID-19 crisis. But now, fans have a glimmer of hope. Recently, The Jonas Brothers simply (and mysteriously) texted their fans, "Happiness Continues." 

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What does "Happiness Continues" mean for the Jonas Brothers?

According to several major clues on the internet, it looks like Happiness Continues is the title of a music documentary. The name is the perfect follow up to their last album (and most recent tour), and it's also the perfect time to get immersed in some much-needed escapism — especially when April was supposed to be the month the Jonas Brothers started performing in Vegas. IMDb lists Happiness Continues on their site, which cements the fact that this is definitely a project that's happening (while there's no specific date, the site does say 2020). 

The crew lists all three Jonas Brothers plus their spouses, Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner (unfortunately, it doesn't look like actress and TV personality Danielle Jonas, Kevin's wife, will be involved). 

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Furthermore, a tweet from music composer Wade Mosher also shows that Happiness Continues is for sure a Jonas Brothers documentary. On April 16, Wade wrote, "Just received some great news. A song I co-wrote with Mark Canty will be featured in the upcoming documentary, Happiness Continues: A Jonas Brothers Concert Film." The puzzle pieces all connect!

The Jonas Brothers have yet to confirm or address all the speculation, but we're like, 85 percent sure we're all getting a Jonas doc very, very soon. During times like these, we would like happiness to continue, after all. We'll keep our eyes peeled for a more information as well as a release date. 

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