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Source: Getty

Jonas Strand Gravli Has Another Career to Fall Back on If 'Ragnarok' Doesn't Take Off


Netflix’s new fantasy series, Ragnarok, features a handful of seemingly unknown actors. Or, at least some that may not be outright familiar to viewers. But Jonah Strand Gravli, who plays Laurits on Ragnarok, is getting attention for his performance especially. 

Like some of his fellow cast members, he has been in more Norwegian films and TV shows than not, but there is a chance you recognize him from other big roles he has had over the past few years.

According to IMDb, Jonas has only been acting on-screen since 2014, so he is fairly new to the business. Still, he has started to make a real name for himself. And even if you are still unfamiliar with his name (which you are totally allowed to be, since he has three of them and not just two), you might recognize Jonas’s face from something else he has appeared in.