Jordan Howlett Knows It's Rough Out Here — So He Wants to Talk About Loud Budgeting (EXCLUSIVE)

"I've been in circumstances where I'm terrified [about] my next meal, I'm terrified of where I'm sleeping," he said.

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Apr. 30 2024, Published 5:07 p.m. ET

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Throughout his years on TikTok, Jordan Howlett (@jordan_the_stallion8) has used his platform to talk about many things. He found popularity as he shared fast food secrets, spilling how to make some beloved fast food and chain restaurant recipes at home — but now he wants to use his platform to talk about money.

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With a large following, it's no secret that Jordan is able to make his living by posting videos on the internet. But he took the time to talk with Distractify about how he's using his platform to talk about trends like loud budgeting and ways to help his followers be smart about their money.

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Jordan Howlett shares how experiencing homelessness changed his perspective on money.

Before Jordan had a fanbase of more than 12 million on TikTok, he had a period when he was experiencing homelessness. Before he was taken on to UC Riverside’s D1 baseball team, he was living out of his car. During our interview, Jordan said the mindset he had then versus his now, with a platform of millions, is wildly different — and has ultimately changed how he views conversations about finances with his audience.

"Prior to any kind of social media success, I've been in circumstances where I'm terrified [about] my next meal, I'm terrified of where I'm sleeping. And I know what that feels like," he said.

Thankfully, those days of sleeping in his car and choosing between food or basic necessities are behind him, with a special thanks to his TikTok and YouTuber followers. But when he can, Jordan talks about finances and financial literacy with his fans.

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"Your mindset changes because now your worries are definitely different. Your worries are now like what is something of substance I can bring to this audience that I have?" he said. "I honestly feel like on a daily basis, I want to be able to see what can I provide to the audience that I have that is not only something I like to do, but again, it's kind of like an everyday thank you for making my life comfortable enough to where I can focus more on video making, of all things."

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"The idea of living on your own and having your own place by yourself, that is an amazing feat to reach itself, let alone thinking about paying for groceries or paying for cars. Or if you have anybody that is a dependent of you, it is very difficult," he continued. "So because of that it's important for us to try to collectively help each other when we can."

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Loud budgeting is something Jordan does in his everyday life.

As part of his appreciation for his fanbase, Jordan has remained dedicated to using his platform to only share trends and partnerships he genuinely believes in — and he said loud budgeting is one of them.

"I thought the concept was brilliant, I thought it definitely was relatable, even to myself, especially how I grew up," he said of the term, which started as a trend on TikTok but has now morphed into people actively being open about their budgets and smart spending.

"I feel like when it comes to your own personal beliefs on things that maybe start as trends, it's about you believing it enough to keep following it," Jordan said. "And loud budgeting is something that I'm happy it [trended] this way for more people to know what it is."

As a way to help some of his followers who are struggling with money, Jordan partnered with Klarna to talk about loud budgeting and offer the chance to win $3,000 and a one-on-one consultation with a money coach.

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"My followers are very smart, and you're not gonna trick anybody — especially when it comes to partnerships of any kind," Jordan said, noting that he has personally used Klarna in his day-to-day. "They're going to read it immediately if this is something you actually believe in."

Through Klarna's "Pay in 4" option, buyers can make four interest-free payments over six weeks to make the burden of some larger purchases just a bit easier on the wallet.

"Help one another when you when you can," Jordan said. "And in regards to the struggles of things being more expensive, I would urge people to not blame themselves for this ... We should all collectively keep trying to help each other out. Keep going, and keep fighting the good fight."

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