Jordan Thee Stallion's Age Often Shocks the TikToker's Fanbase — Here's How Old He Is

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jan. 9 2024, Published 11:28 a.m. ET

Jordan Howlett "Jordan Thee Stallion"
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While many people remain unsure about TikTok’s ability to make an everyday person a viral influencer, creators constantly prove they can support themselves and their loved ones by clocking into the “clock app” daily.

One of TikTok’s most recognizable influencers is Jordan Howlett, better known by his handle, @Jordan_Thee_Stallion.

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After years of hardships, Jordan found internet success by posting everything from monologues to life hacks and his recipe book that helps his following make their favorite fast food dishes at home with his Fast Food Secrets Club.

Jordan’s TikTok visibility has made the influencer susceptible to his viewers’ opinions. One part of his life fellow TikTokers tend to focus on is how old Jordan is, as he admittedly looks older than he really is.

Here’s everything we know about Jordan Howlett’s age!

Jordan Thee Stallion
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Jordan Howlett’s age has often been discussed since the beginning of his TikTok fame.

Jordan officially joined TikTok in May 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. His videos quickly gained traction, as many of his followers loved his calm yet hilarious storytimes and comedic timing. However, regarding his personal life, Jordan's supporters must be sure about several things, including his age.

According to Famous Birthdays, Jordan was born on April 12, 1997. As of this writing, his birthday would make him 26 years old. But, despite Jordan's birth date, many people familiar with his face believe he must be older than someone in their mid-20s.

As early as 2021, several content creators have released videos stating their opinions about how old Jordan is. Most people in the influencer's age group expressed disbelief that Jordan isn't in his early 30s or even his 40s.

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In January 2024, Jordan took to his TikTok to address the discussions about his age. In a stitch, he responded to a post by (@kyladrichardson), who shared that she thought the influencer was an "older millennial in his early 30s" and was stunned when she discovered he was 26, the same age as her. Jordan then interrupted the video by sharing his plight as a 20-something who looks much older.

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"I don't think people realize just how interesting it is to look old in your 20s," Jordan said to the camera. "Ever since I was 18, I had to convince everybody that I was not in my mid to late 40s."

In his TikTok monologue, Jordan further explained how his age confusion has affected which brands he attracts. The influencer recalled the hair and beard dye company Just For Men reaching out to him for a collaboration. He said the brand told him he would be a great inspiration in showing how to be "confident" enough to make TikTok videos in your 40s. Jordan said he then explained to the brand that he's in his 20s, and they thought he was joking.

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When he confirmed he was telling the truth, Just For Men reportedly said "yikes" and asked him how he manages to keep his hair from graying since he looks so "stressed" in his videos. Understandably angry, Jordan mentioned he eats "spinach and sweet potatoes," which helps with gray hair.

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Jordan Howlett developed his Jordan Thee Stallion account after enduring homelessness and depression.

Despite the struggle of other people not believing he's as young as he said he is, Jordan laughs at the comments regarding his age at the bank. With a reported net worth of $1.1 million, Jordan has come a long way from the hardships he faced before joining TikTok.

In a 2022 candid interview with You Should Know Podcast, Jordan explained that his life once looked vastly different from the one he has today. After high school, the Oceanside, Calif. native accepted a baseball scholarship to the University of California Riverside. Then, in 2020, when COVID-19 hit, Jordan faced another difficult time when he eventually moved back home and found nowhere to live.

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“By the time COVID hit, I was in talks of getting drafted — which I was so elated for that. When COVID hit, that jacked all that up, and it left me back at square one," Jordan explained on the podcast (via We've Got This Covered). "Baseball was done, season was done, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree."

Jordan Howlett smiling
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Faced with his reality of being unhoused, Jordan said he ran out of options to support himself. Eventually, he turned to TikTok, which paid off.

"I had to learn to understand that I have worth in just being myself, you know what I’m saying?" Jordan shared. "And then, I found TikTok. Everyone just started gravitating to me being an idiot, because I am.”

With over 11 million TikTok followers and millions of viewers on his videos, Jordan's influencer career is just starting. And, despite the ongoing confusion about his age, he hopefully has plenty of years ahead of him to perfect his craft!

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