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Josie Totah From 'Jessie' Is All Grown Up and Ready to Take on the 'Saved by the Bell' Reboot


It's not uncommon for child stars to grow up and detach themselves from the characters they played on TV as kids. But after Josie Totah (formerly J.J. Totah) came out as transgender, her fans might have had an even harder time recognizing her. Still, now that she is set to star in the upcoming Saved by the Bell reboot, she is being thrust back into the spotlight and new fans might find themselves wondering who Josie played on Jessie as a kid.

What character did Josie Totah play on Jessie?

When Josie still identified as male, she played the young and studious Stuart on Jessie. Much of Josie's storylines as Stuart revolve around the character's love for his friend Zuri, who he even gives a promise ring to eventually. While Stuart wasn't necessarily one of the main characters on the Nickelodeon show, he did prominently appear in episodes until its Season 4 end.