kafia from styling hollywood
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Everyone's Got Something to Say About Kafia on 'Styling Hollywood'

Kafia Ahmed, the operations manager from ‘Styling Hollywood,' has everyone talking. Read on to follow her on Instagram and learn more about her.


Sep. 4 2019, Updated 4:06 p.m. ET

Everyone's got an opinion about Kafia from Styling Hollywood, the operations manager of JSN Studio, Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis's styling company, which specializes in home and wardrobe styling.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Kafia Ahmed, including how to follow her on Instagram, and where she is today.

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kafia from styling hollywood
Source: Netflix

Kafia's fans are already calling themselves the #KafiaMafia.

We first meet Kafia in Episode 1 of Styling Hollywood, and from the get-go, it's clear she's something of a character. For one, she's pretty candid with the fact that she's not that passionate about her job, and is mainly working at JSN because she's best friends with Adair.

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"I definitely think about it often," she says about leaving her role, to her colleague Melinda. "Adair will be hard hit if I leave... He's the whole reason I ended up in LA. But at the same time, if it's not your passion, how do you push yourself?"

We watch as Kafia more or less carelessly phones in her job at JSN and perhaps even uses her friendship with Adair as leverage to perform at a standard that's less than what she's capable of. After all, her background is in "events planning," and Kafia is relatively open about her heart not being in Jason and Adair's studio.

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Plus, she has seven brothers and sisters, who she supports financially. "I definitely work extremely hard to make sure that I'm able to take care of myself but also meet the demands and responsibilities of my family," she says in a later episode.

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"My parents are Somali immigrants and I support my parents," she continues. "I also send money back home. I helped put my little sister through college. That's why I work hard. So I work really hard."

Follow Kafia from Styling Hollywood on Instagram.

According to her LinkedIn, Kafia graduated magna cum laude from Old Dominion University before pursuing a Masters of Arts in Social Innovation and Creative Activism at NYU's Gallatin School.

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But on her Instagram page (@callmekafia), Kafia describes herself as "Somali af, nomadic by nature, + random as I wanna be." She shares photos of her day-to-day life in California, complete with travel adventures through Marrakesh and Italy, and documents enviable events that give us FOMO for not having been invited to attend.

And Styling Hollywood viewers are falling for Kafia quickly.

Fans of Styling Hollywood are finding that operations manager Kafia is probably the most polarizing character on Season 1 of the show. "I'm not at all sympathetic with Adair and Jason having tension with Kafia when they refuse to pay her what they should be paying her," wrote one member of the #KafiaMafia on Twitter. 

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kafia from styling hollywood
Source: Netflix

"Adair is out here driving a Tesla and his operations manager gotta get second jobs b/c she doesn't even make six figures," they continued. Others agree, writing, "Adair, Jason, and everyone else who thinks Kafia makes enough need to get a grip [sic]."

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"'Just shy of six figures' sounds great at first, but for the amount of work she's putting in, for a high-end firm, living in LA, she should be making at least 2x that," they write.

Granted, others don't see eye to eye and wonder, "How much money does Kafia wanna make?!" "Adair and Jason are not responsible for Kafia's entire family," adds another.

"If Kafia has a budget she needs to make, that's fine, but don't slack on the current job to take on side hustles, that's unethical," they conclude. "Did Kafia say she works long hours five months out of the year? And did Adair say she makes close to a million?!!!" chimed in someone else.

Wherever you fall on whether or not Kafia is right to leave JSN Studio, or whether she should have been putting in more work with Jason and Adair, I think we can all agree with what one person had to say about the whole ordeal on Twitter: "I love Adair and Kafia's friendship. But yeah, they definitely don't need to work together."

Catch Season 1 of Styling Hollywood on Netflix.

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