TikTok Sleuths Unveiled Viral Couple Kay and Tay’s First Daughter Amid Pregnancy News

Kay and Tay have built their following by discussing their lives, including Kay’s 2023 pregnancy. The couple has a child they keep away from TikTok.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Aug. 8 2023, Published 11:24 a.m. ET

While social media undoubtedly gets a bad rap for its frequent moments of toxicity, apps like X, formerly known as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, have been a profitable tool for many everyday people who happen to go viral online.

In 2022, one couple, Kaylee and Taylor Dudley, better known as @kayandtayofficial on TikTok, went viral after Tay spied on his wife at Target and posted her shopping for unnecessary items (to HIM!) at the store.

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Since going viral, the couple, who married in 2016, have continued sharing their life updates, including Kay’s pregnancy, which they announced in 2023!

Amid the excitement for the couple’s new addition, those who have followed Kay and Tay for a while are confused about the content surrounding the new baby. Many question why the influencers don’t address that Kay has another daughter who doesn’t appear on their channels much.

Here’s the scoop on Kay and Tay’s first daughter!

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Kay and Tay Dudley’s first daughter, Kinsley, isn’t very active on the couple’s TikTok account.

Kay and Tay began documenting Kay’s pregnancy in March 2023. Kay first shared her real-time reaction to finding out the news as she recorded herself reading the pregnancy test results.

Following their announcement, Kay and Tay posted content about Kay’s pregnancy. The couple’s joint TikTok account is filled with videos of Kay’s pregnancy food cravings, shopping for the baby, and telling their loved ones about the upcoming baby.

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As their community followed along with the pregnancy, many found Kay and Tay adorable and were tuned in to watch what appeared to be the couple’s first pregnancy. But not long after they began posting about Kay’s pregnancy, internet investigators uncovered that Kay had already been pregnant with her daughter, Kinsley.

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In August 2023, a Reddit user posted in the TikTok Gossip thread on the online message board. The user screenshotted the couple’s TikTok account and titled their post “Not Kay’s first pregnancy.” Then, they mentioned in the post that even though neither Kay nor Tay has called their upcoming child their “first pregnancy,” they felt the couple “definitely hint towards it” by keeping Kay’s daughter away from their TikTok account.

While Kay is definitely private regarding Kinsley, she has frequently posted her daughter on her Instagram account. On Instagram, she shared several moments with her, Tay, and Kinsley traveling for Kinsley’s birthday weekends or spending holidays together. However, due to their rising success on TikTok, the couple may think keeping their daughter away from the app is best.

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Who is the father of Kay’s first daughter? Tay once believed he couldn’t have children.

In addition to keeping Kinsley away from their social media fame as much as possible, Kay and Tay have also remained mum about Kinsley’s birth father. However, we love a challenge and found some info about Kay’s baby daddy.

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According to Kay’s Instagram photos, she and Kinsley’s dad, Jared Lentz, were in a relationship when Kinsley was born in 2011 and were together for a few years. Kay and Tay have also confirmed Tay isn’t Kinsley’s father in their TikTok account.

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In March 2023, after finding out she was pregnant, Kay posted Tay’s reaction to the pregnancy at their house. After Tay saw the pregnancy test in a box that Kay asked him to look through, the TikToker cried in his wife’s arms and asked, “So, I can have kids?”

In Kay’s caption of the TikTok, she explained that Tay was told by a doctor when he was in the military that he would “have a really hard time having children in the future.” So, Kay and Tay thought they couldn’t have children naturally and weren’t taking preventive measures for Kay not to get pregnant.

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While the doctor’s assessment was clearly wrong, the reveal proved that Tay isn’t Kinsley’s father. Nonetheless, Tay is incredibly active in Kinsley’s life and considers Kay’s first child his daughter.

“If you want your daughter to be great, you have to be even a greater father for her,” Tay said in a 2017 post on his Instagram.

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