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Keanu Reeves Leads Stranded Plane Passengers on Epic Road Trip


Keanu Reeves just keeps on adding to his legend of being a darn decent human being and his latest entry in the annals of "whoadom" involves an airplane and some star-struck passengers.

When you're a Hollywood star from a very young age, as we've seen with countless celebrities over the years, it's easy to become disengaged and generally unenthusiastic about life. How many rich and famous people have become super depressed despite having "everything?"

We're also seen plenty stars who are used to "the good life" give in to some pretty selfish and spoiled behaviors when encountering a situation that's less than ideal. Anyone remember the time Alec Baldwin was tossed from an airplane for refusing to stop playing Words With Friends on his iPad?

And that temper flared up just because the 30 Rock star was stuck at a gate, which understandably stinks for any airline passenger, but still, one can only imagine how he'd react to the news his plane was grounded due to exigent circumstances, as was the case for Keanu Reeves, who ended up getting stuck at an airport.

The John Wick star was on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Burbank when the aircraft needed to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, about 100 miles away from the flight's final destination.