Kee Kee Is Unsure About Kareem Adopting Her Son on 'Bride and Prejudice' (EXCLUSIVE)

Kee Kee and Kareem are fighting again on 'Bride and Prejudice' and this time, it's about Jeffrey. Kareem wants to adopt him, but Kee Kee's unsure.

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Apr. 22 2020, Updated 11:33 a.m. ET

Source: Lifetime

Lifetime's Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love showcases three couples who are dealing with disapproval from their families, whether it be for religious differences, age gaps, or because of racial prejudice. The couples have four weeks to decide whether they want to move forward in their relationships by getting engaged, or if they should part ways.

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Kee Kee and Kareem are fighting once again on 'Bride and Prejudice.'

While Willi and Cameron struggled to agree on whether Cameron should convert to Judaism, and Blair and Chris faced an uphill battle with Blair's mom's racial stereotypes, Kee Kee and Kareem have had far different issues.

At first, the couple mainly dealt with Kee Kee's mom Marvaline's disdain for Kareem because of his age and temper. She also worried whether Kareem would be willing to properly care for Kee Kee's 6-year-old son, Jeffrey. 

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After spending time with Marvaline and showing Kee Kee that he would be there for Jeffrey, the two got engaged. But, the pair got into a blowout fight in front of the child on the April 15 episode, and the fate of their relationship was left hanging in the balance.

In a clip obtained by Distractify ahead of the April 22 episode, Kee Kee and Kareem decide to calmly finish the conversation that resulted from their big fight. During this talk, Kee Kee realizes that Kareem does love her son, but that she might not be suited to marry Kareem.

Will Kee Kee and Kareem from Bride and Prejudice manage to make their relationship work? 

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How did the fight between Kee Kee and Kareem get resolved?

One of the biggest issues surrounding Kee Kee and Kareem's fight was the fact that Jeffrey was in earshot as his mother and stepfather-to-be got into it. The fight was exacerbated further when Kareem brought Jeffrey up, and wondered who was thinking about the child's feelings. 

Source: Lifetime
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The April 22 episode will showcase the continuation of that conversation, and how Jeffrey was really affected by the whole thing. In the exclusive clip, Kareem arrives back at the apartment to talk with Kee Kee after he put Jeffrey to bed. 

"Jeffrey's asleep. I was going to bring him up but I just let him go to sleep," Kareem tells his fiancée. "He was crying when he got in the car too."

In his interview confessional, Kareem explained that he felt badly about what happened.

"Kee Kee and I just got into a big fight in front of Jeffrey and I feel terrible," he said. 

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He then said that he's been wanting to adopt Kee Kee's son, but that she's been hesitant about making things official. 

"I want to adopt Jeffrey, but Kee Kee has feelings that arose through this whole process and everything," Kareem said in his confessional. "We ended up sad and angry and mad."

During Kareem and Kee Kee's talk, Kareem demonstrated how much Jeffrey loves him.

Source: Lifetime
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"I tried to talk to him, and I just got him to lay down on my leg and go to sleep. He just wanted me to hold him," Kareem continued.

"Because you're his daddy," Kee Kee finished through tears.  

Kee Kee then admitted that Jeffrey does have a special relationship with Kareem.

"I could tell he was upset [and] he wouldn't even tell me what was wrong," Kee Kee explained to her fiancé. "Because he wanted you, he wanted his daddy."

Kareem then assured Kee Kee that he would never give up on Jeffrey. Even if the two don't manage to work out their romantic relationship, Kareem explained that he could never walk away from the child. 

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"I was sitting there thinking — despite everything — that this is a little boy who loves me a lot. It would just be devastating for me to leave him. I couldn't do it in my heart. I just thought about that before I could leave, because I was just going to grab my stuff and go," Kareem told Kee Kee. "I'm extremely hurt, and I'm way past my breaking point to the point where, today, I let my emotions get the best of me."

Source: Lifetime
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While Kareem was able to have a normal conversation with Kee Kee shortly after their big argument, he went on to explain that his emotions do oftentimes get the best of him. He also suggested that their relationship might be beyond repair. 

Kareem teased that he might be ready to give up on his relationship with Kee Kee.

Because all of the couples on Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love are coming toward the end of the four week experiment, they are forced to think about whether or not their relationships are worth continuing. For Kareem, having Jeffrey as part of his life is a huge motivating factor, but he's also realized throughout the process that he has a tendency to get really angry at Kee Kee. 

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"I feel sad for how I blew up and how I hurt Kee Kee. I feel like I lost a piece of my soul with that. But I feel like it was something that was weighing so heavy on me. It was so heavy on me that I couldn't hold it anymore," Kareem said in his confessional. "I hold my emotions and I blow up sometimes. I wish that didn't happen at all, but I've tried my hardest throughout this process, and I'm throwing my hands up at this point."

Source: Lifetime

On the April 22 episode of Bride and Prejudice, it's Commitment Day, meaning that the couples will have to decide if they continue their relationships. Will Kareem and Kee Kee choose to stay together? You'll have to watch to find out.

Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Love airs on Lifetime on Wednesdays at 10 p.m., right after new episodes of Married at First Sight. It's produced by Kinetic Content.  

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