Keltie Knight Lost a 4-Carat Diamond at the Golden Globes and Somehow Isn't Losing Her Mind

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jan. 9 2024, Published 1:22 p.m. ET

Keltie Knight at the Golden Globes
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When my grandmother died, one of the things she left me was a diamond and sapphire ring she was obsessed with. We aren't a wealthy family, so something of this nature has more sentimental value than anything else. I rarely wear it because I have a notoriously bad memory and can't seem to hold onto things to save my life. Just ask my cell phone, which has been forgotten in countless Lyfts and Ubers. When I do dare to put on this treasured trinket, I am anxious the entire time. I'm a fun girl!

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When Keltie Knight, E! News's chief correspondent, lost a 4-carat diamond at the 81st Golden Globe Awards you couldn't unclench a single muscle in my body. That is my worst nightmare and yet by all accounts, Keltie somehow managed to play it cool while desperately searching for her beloved bauble. Is there such a thing as diamond-sniffing dogs? Let's get into how Keltie Knight's diamond took a hike.

Keltie Knight at the Golden Globes and her diamond ring
Source: Getty Images
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What happened to Keltie Knight's diamond ring? It's a mystery for the ages.

"Hi everyone, Golden Globe emergency," said Keltie in an Instagram post from the red carpet at the Golden Globes. "If you're a celebrity and you see a 4 carat diamond on the red carpet, please return it to Keltie Knight at E!." She wrapped up the quick request by saying the ring is real and yes, it's spectacular. The replies were flooded with people wishing Keltie good luck including Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Lisa Barlow who wrote, "I'm freaking out for you!"

The following day, Keltie went through every second of the evening with in an effort to pinpoint the exact moment the diamond fell from her ring. In what feels like a bad omen now, Keltie shared that she slept with the ring on the previous night which is something she never does. Like me and my questionable brain, Keltie revealed that she's "known for forgetting to wear my wedding rings."

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Keltie's red carpet makeup included a bit of shimmer on her hands which is why she vividly recalls seeing the diamond at that time. Then it was time to hit the E! platform next to the photo area. While there, Keltie did a quick video for social media to show fans her outfit. At this time, the diamond was still firmly in its setting. From here she hit the photo line which was a very short walk from the platform. That's when she noticed the diamond was gone.

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Keltie desperately searched for her ring, to no avail.

In a series of now-expired Instagram stories, Keltie documented her search for the ring. In one, she is on her hands and knees crawling around the red carpet in a pair of enormous heels that were definitely made for walking. She asked all the photographers if they saw the diamond, enlisting the help of a high-powered zoom lens to look. Sadly, everyone came up empty.

Keltie ended her evening clutching a sub from Jersey Mike's while attempting to relax in a bath. Somehow Keltie looked remarkably calm. On the morning of Jan. 8, Keltie called the hotel where the red carpet was to let production know what was happening. They were scheduled to take down the carpet and would likely be her best bet. Alas, she never heard about anyone stumbling upon the massive diamond.

"It’s the most ridiculous story," said Keltie, laughing through her pain. "This is the kind of thing you want to read about happening to someone else, not yourself." Unfortunately Keltie has no idea if the diamond is insured because it was an upgrade from her original diamond, which was a gift from her husband in August 2023. "Stuff can be replaced. I’m more happy that I have the 10 years of marriage," Keltie said. "I care more about the 10 years of marriage than I do about the diamond."

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