Jon Hamm and Erika Jayne Spat Over Diamond Earring Scandal

Jennifer Torres - Author

Oct. 31 2023, Updated 10:42 p.m. ET

Erika Jayne
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The Gist:

  • Erika had her 1.4 Million dollar earrings taken in her husband's bankruptcy case, but they were returned.
  • John Hamm had some opinions on the case.
  • Erika said she won them on appeal.

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The most famous $1.4 million dollar diamond earrings since the Crown Jewels is back in the news. These are the earrings that Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne had returned to her by the courts after they were found not to be part of her husband's bankruptcy hearings. So, do you think that would settle it?

But then, for some reason, John Hamm of all people chimed in with his opinion on the matter. Why is Don Draper getting involved? We're not sure, but here's what happened.

Erika held onto the sparkly baubles until June 21, when Miller asked Bankruptcy Judge Barry Russell to order her to surrender them. Her filing also detailed the consequences Erika could face for keeping them — including imprisonment and costs estimated at $5.4 million.

Erika turned the earrings over to Miller's custody within the week.

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Erika Jayne and her earrings
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John Hamm gives his opinion on the matter...and Erika strikes back.

In 2022 John Hamm was on the Howard Stern Show when the subject of Erika and the famous earrings came up. We're not entirely sure why these two were talking about this instead of literally anything else in the world. At any rate, when Howard asked John what he thought of the whole matter and that the earrings had been surrendered, John said, "You just want to shake her and go, 'Honey, they were never yours'. Give them back." Well, it seems Erika has kept that festering until today.

Erika said on an appearance on the No Filter With Zack Peter Podcast, 'I have my appeal. And that’s, you know — like, Jon Hamm, you know. "They never were yours." F### you,'...I won on appeal."

Yikes. I guess that will teach John Hamm to stick with being super good-looking and a great actor and stay out of reality show scandals.

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Source: YouTube

What's the story with these earrings?

Tom Girardi purchased the diamond earrings for his wife in 2007 with a check for $750,000 made payable to a Los Angeles jewelry store. He claims they were a replacement for an identical pair stolen in a burglary.

Problem is — and it's a big one — the check was drawn from a trust account flush with settlement proceeds from tort cases won on behalf of those who suffered serious health issues from their use of the drug Rezulin — an act Judge Russell calls “embezzlement and fraud from day one."

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The judge does not believe that Erika knew the earrings were stolen property.

Thomas Girardi and Erika Jayne
Source: Getty Images

In his ruling on June 28, Judge Russell calls it an “unfortunate case” and, while he doesn't believe Erika knew the diamonds were stolen property, he said, "the fact is, she’s still in possession of stolen property."

Erika filed an appeal noting that the trust account "was solvent by tens of millions of dollars" and Girardi's firm had the right to be paid fees and costs from it.

Not so, says the trustee who claims Girardi took the money just so his wife "could have sparkling earlobes."

Where are Erika Jayne's diamond earrings now?

Erika has the earrings after the judge decided on appeal that they were not subject to the bankruptcy trial. We're not sure if she wears them out to Costco or wherever but she has them somewhere in her possession. So, even though they were purchased with embezzled funds the judge figured Erika should keep the earrings anyway. For old-time's sake, we guess?

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But seriously, why is John Hamm discussing this? Like, why does he care? Is his post-Mad Men life that boring? Doesn't he just spend his days admiring his chiseled features and dark brooding stare? We're not really sure.

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