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The Kentucky Derby Horse Names of 2019 Are Some of the Funniest of All Time


The 2019 Kentucky Derby horse names are probably the biggest thing that people are looking forward to about the races. Sure, there are the crazy hats and outfit combinations, and the ridiculous amounts of work and blood and sweat and tears that each team put into breeding and then racing the thoroughbred horses. 

There's the history of the race and the copious amounts of money that are being poured into it as well.

But everyone knows that the names are where its at, and this year's got a bunch of pretty great ones. So without further ado, here are the:

Horses in the Kentucky Derby 2019

While there aren't any names like "Santa's Little Helper" or "Scabrous Bandicoot" this Derby's got a bunch of creative monikers you'll probably be stealing for Xbox Live.

Source: getty