Kevin Spacey's Sister Stays Out of the Public Eye, but His Brother Is a Boise Legend

There is no getting around it, Kevin Spacey's brother is a character. How else does one become a Rod Stewart lookalike?

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May 14 2024, Published 2:07 p.m. ET

Kevin Spacey arrives at the 53rd annual Berlinale Film Festival Feb. 7, 200
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In May 2024, MAX released a two-part documentary that details the numerous allegations of sexual assault that have been lodged against disgraced actor Kevin Spacey. As of the time of this writing, he has never been found guilty, but it's important to note that his accusers have never changed their stories. In Spacey Unmasked, we hear from several of his alleged victims who share what happened and how these incidents affected them moving forward.

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We also get a glimpse into Spacey's childhood by way of his brother Randy Fowler. Despite revealing disturbing information about how they grew up, we also see how much of a character Fowler himself is. He flips through an old photo album while reaching back into his past to bring up some fairly traumatizing stories. What isn't mentioned and what we do know is that Spacey also had a sister. Here's what we know about Kevin Spacey's siblings.

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Kevin Spacey's siblings lead very different lives, but they all experienced trauma.

When the first allegations against Spacey went public in September 2017, it didn't take long for the press to reach out to his older brother Randy Fowler. So in October of that year, he spoke with Idaho News 6 because Fowler was a longtime resident of Boise, Idaho. He had been speaking out about their toxic father for years, but this was the first he heard about his estranged brother's alleged abusive behavior.

It's during this interview that Fowler invites people into his world, the world that exists without his Academy Award-winning brother. Fowler said that his family moved around so much that he attended a different school every year until the last two years of high school. He spoke of feeling embarrassed about the way he was forced to dress as a kid. His clothes were a bit shabby because his father could never hold onto a job. This directly contributed to the flashy way Fowler dressed as an adult.

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Fowler left home at age 19 and studied music, which led to a long career as a drummer. After retiring, Fowler wasn't sure what to do until a friend phoned him and asked if he wouldn't mind filling in as a limousine driver. When he showed up at a concert to pick up a group of people, he was mobbed by attendees. They were obsessed with his look which he described as a "cross between Mozart and Liberace in the 1980s."

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It was then that Fowler realized that he could make a living "simply by being a nice guy and dressing differently." This turned him into a bit of a local Boise celebrity as everyone wanted to hire the limo driver who was frequently referred to as Rod Stewart, although Fowler has also gotten Ron Wood and Howard Stern. Fowler told the outlet that he "changed the face of limousine chauffeurs."

Fowler eventually leaned into the Rod Stewart of it all and started his own company: Rod's Limos. When his partner pulled out a few years later, Fowler began driving for another company but he remained famous in the Boise area. In real life, Fowler says he's a homebody and never leaves his house. He loves what he does and wakes up every day "thanking Jesus for not being homeless." Fowler is content and is glad he can support his family.

Not much is known about Spacey and Fowler's sister Julie. In May 2024, Fowler briefly mentioned their sister while speaking with the Daily Mail. He claimed that Julie Ann, as he called her, was also beaten by their father. Spacey's brother has been outspoken about the alleged abuse by their father. As of the time of this writing, Julie has remained out of the public eye.

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