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Source: Getty Images

KFC’s Strangest Food Items From Across the World, Ranked


Those who pay close attention to fast food news have most likely caught wind of KFC's latest creation, known as the Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donut Sandwich

According to MSN, it features a crispy chicken fillet that is sandwiched between two sugary glazed donuts. It's being tested in over 40 locations throughout Norfolk and Richmond, Va. and in Pittsburgh. 

And in honor of this highly unusual item, we've ranked the chain's strangest offerings from around the world. 

The KFC donut sandwich is strange, but that's not the only weird food item they have:

1. The Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donut Sandwich

Source: Twitter

Duh. Are you surprised by this in the slightest? No matter how much anyone loves donuts, using them to replace sandwich bread is a really, really strange concept... especially when paired with chicken.

Who knows, though — it could honestly be a life-changing staple in the realm of sammies. Guess you'll just have to go down to Virginia or Pittsburgh, Pa. to try it out for yourself.