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Source: Imgur

KFC Commissions Painting For Guy Who Discovered Their Hilarious Twitter Secret

By Zachary Brenner

A few weeks ago we wrote about a Twitter user who discovered that KFC only follows 11 people on Twitter. As a reminder, it was the five Spice Girls and six men named Herb. KFC has since rewarded that man for noticing this. They didn't give him a lifetime supply of Kentucky Fried Chicken like you'd expect. Instead they got him something as weird as the rest of this. 

We've got to admit this has turned into a pretty sweet deal for KFC, because they've gotten a lot of free publicity from the stunt. The tweet has gone massively viral and people are applauding their social media team for hiding the little easter egg all along. It's pretty clever and funny how they were able to leave little clues on it. 

So it's nice to see one of these big chains pay it forward a bit and reward a Twitter users for their skills in discovering the secret:

Yup. That's the twitter user, who goes by Edge, riding on the back of Colonel Sanders. Much like who KFC follows, this gift seems so obvious that it was hard to believe we once thought it could be anything else. I mean who wouldn't frame this work of art above their mantle?