“The Grandma Is the Baby” — Kid Channels His Grandma While Blessing His Food

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Dec. 13 2023, Published 11:51 a.m. ET

While parenting can seem like an isolating job, many people are fortunate to raise their children in a village of a loving family, whether it’s biological or chosen. These people are the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and godparents who are there to support and teach the child lessons they may not learn at home.

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Anyone who has children knows that they pick up on everything. And I mean everything. That’s why it’s essential to be mindful of what you do and say in their presence. In one woman's case on TikTok, her son picked up the Holy Spirit from his praying grandmother. Keep reading to see the young reverend in action!

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A mom posts a video of her son, “praying just like my mama,” as he blesses the food.

Like many traditions, religious beliefs are something passed down among generations. Many people recall attending church at a young age, with the frequency of the visits depending on each family.

In TikTok user Stacy's (@stacycreated) household, church and prayer were strong influences. Stacy grew up with a mother who knew how to get Jesus on the main line and taught Stacy’s son to do the same.

In September 2023, Stacy recorded her child, who can’t be any older than 3 or 4 years old, sitting at the table getting ready to bless his food. Stacy shared in the video that her son “prays just like my mama,” and it shows.

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During the child’s sermon, there was no “now I lay me down to sleep” or equivalent to a childlike prayer. Instead, he instantly channeled his grandma by sternly asking God to “just heal my body” and to “bless my soul right this minute, Oh God!” and other requests in the short video.

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After listening to her baby preach about good health, Stacy asked her son if he planned on moving on to actually blessing the food. Her son hesitated, stating he was more concerned about “blessing me to get better,” which is one of the most precious sentences ever. However, despite the cuteness, Stacy still wanted her son to say a prayer so they could move on with the meal.

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“The Grandma is the baby, literally.”

Stacy’s son’s hilarious TikTok allowed me to see the youth will be just fine — so long as they have grandmothers like his. While everyone has various religious beliefs, I’m glad Stacy’s mom (whoa, throwback, lol) has taught her grandson how to connect with a spiritual source when he isn't feeling well or when any other issue arises.

Stacy appreciates her mother’s influence on her son, calling them “best friends” in her comments and saying that she’s fortunate her mom taught her son prayers and not curse words.

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Underneath the post, Stacy received tons of comments from users impressed by her son’s prayer and referenced Joseline Hernandez’s iconic line, “The grandma is the baby.”

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For those unaware, Joseline said the quote while throwing shade at K. Michelle for keeping her son in her mother’s care while she was on the road. Joseline meant to say, “You’re not the mother; the grandma is the mother,” but got confused and said, “Your grandmama’s the baby.” The error clearly stuck.

“THIS HAS ME IN TEARS 😂😭,” one user said of Stacy’s son. “‘Bless my soul and heal my sickness.’ The grandma is the baby, literally.” The internet appreciated his genuine faith and awareness at such a young age thanks to his grandma.

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