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Parents Share the Secrets Their Kids Only Think They're Keeping From Them


Kids always think they can keep secrets from their parents, but parents are much smarter than kids think. I used to think I was able to sneak chocolate before dinner, but now it's clear they 100 percent knew what I was doing. Something you learn when you get older is that parents know exactly what their young kids are up to and spend a lot of time secretly laughing at them. It's the ultimate privilege of parenthood. 

In this Reddit thread, parents share all the things their children truly believe they're hiding from them.

Source: iStock Photo

I'm glad I grew up before every kid had a personal tablet because our options were limited. It's got to be scary today to be a parent with a tech savvy kid who has the entire internet at their fingertips. That being said, some kids are not as savvy as others. Thegauloise's son, for example, didn't delete his search history after he looked up "naked sexing" on YouTube. Bless his little heart. That's kind of adorable.