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Source: facebook

4-Year-Old Accidentally Kills Pet Goldfish After Bringing It to Bed for Snuggles

By Mustafa Gatollari

A young man is being branded as a real life Elvira from Tiny Toon Adventures after he got a little too handsy with his pet goldfish.

It's not uncommon for kids to want to cuddle with a toy or pet while they sleep. My son, no matter what, has a favorite toy that he has to bring in bed with him, no matter what.

I personally can't recall loving anything that wasn't a person so much that I wanted it in bed with me. Heck, even with people I can only cuddle for so long before I start overheating and kick my blanket off of me and start hating the world.

But my son and daughter can toss and turn, flip around, and end up with half their head off the bed, with a hard plastic dinosaur under their ribs and they wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

Kids will bring some very unconventional things to bed with them. I had this one friend in elementary school, who, before wearing a new pair of sneakers or shoes, would bring them to bed with him while they were still clean. So strange.

I thought I'd heard it all until I heard about Everett, who loved his pet fish so much that he wanted to bring it into bed with them.