killer among us lifetime spoilers
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Here's Who Kills the Mom on Lifetime's 'A Killer Among Us'


Apr. 22 2020, Updated 4:15 p.m. ET

*Warning: Spoilers for Lifetime's A Killer Among Us ahead!*

No one does melodrama like the team behind every Lifetime movie ever. Based on real people and ripped-from-the-headlines stories, these movies always pack a punch and their basis in real life makes them all the more addictive.

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Recent reruns of the Lifetime original A Killer Among Us show that the network knows what it’s doing and has been doing it well for years. 

This 2012 movie, which is inspired by a true story, follows the journey of Alex, a young woman trying to find out who murdered her mom with the help of a police detective using unconventional methods.

However, what begins as a simple murder mystery soon devolves into something more complicated and shocking than anything Alex can imagine. And with so many twists and turns throughout the movie, viewers want to know exactly what happens at the end of the movie. 

Keep reading for A Killer Among Us spoilers and details about its crazy ending… 

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killer among us lifetime spoilers
Source: lifetime

What happens in 'A Killer Among Us'? *SPOILERS!*

A Killer Among Us begins with the shocking death of Helen Carleton, a young mother-of-three who is murdered, execution-style, outside of her pet store. 

After her shocking death, Helen’s daughter Alex has to step up to take care of the family left behind. Alex takes on more of a mother role to her two siblings and also helps out her father, Nick, in whatever ways she can. 

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However, with no leads and a case getting colder by the day, the police close the unsolved murder investigation just a few months later. While this doesn’t sit well with Alex, she’s in luck. 

Detective Joe Moran isn’t ready to give up on the case and he continues to unofficially investigate the person he believes killed Helen, her husband Nick.

killer among us lifetime spoilers
Source: lifetime
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Detective Moran uses unorthodox methods to find the killer, namely by enlisting the help of his murder victim’s daughter. Not only is this unusual, but it’s also illegal since Alex is still a minor but she’s willing to do anything to catch her mother’s killer and that suits Detective Moran just fine. 

When Detective Moran reveals to Alex that his No. 1 suspect is Nick, Alex is initially reluctant to spy on her own father. 

But when she sees Nick getting rid of Helen’s possessions, skirting his fatherly duties and leaving Alex with the majority of the household responsibilities, Alex decides to go all in. 

On top of it all, Alex also discovers her father has been having a two-year-long affair, which he lies about to her face, saying that it ended years ago.

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Who killed the mom in 'A Killer Among Us'?

After finding out about the affair, Alex is more suspicious of Nick than ever. To add fuel to the fire, Alex also finds out that Nick isn’t her biological dad and that her mother had been previously married. 

After finding her birth certificate, Alex puts together that her biological father is a man named Bruce Wilkins, who informs her that it was Alex’s mother who hid the fact that Nick wasn’t her father. 

Most shockingly of all, Alex finds out that prior to her death, Helen had been considering returning to her first husband. 

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killer among us lifetime spoilers
Source: lifetime

When she tells Detective Moran about her discovery, he proposes that it was Nick who put out a hit on Helen and paid Bruce to carry out the murder. This theory becomes more real when Alex makes another discovery: a gun in her late mother’s animal feed.

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Thankfully, Alex turns the gun in to Detective Moran and in the end, it all works out with the real killer behind bars and Alex being able to be a mother figure for her younger siblings. 

Watch A Killer Among Us on Lifetime.

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