"I Want to Be Pregnant" — Kindergartener's Declaration at Graduation Ceremony Shocks Crowd

"*cut to commercial*"

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 4 2024, Published 11:12 a.m. ET

Kindergarten Graduation I Wanna Be Pregnant
Source: TikTok | @desdefinebeauty_

The confidence in which kids state things can lead to pure hilarity — like this one clip that's currently making the rounds online.

A mom who goes by Des (@desdefinebeauty) is going viral on TikTok after uploading a video of her daughter making a shocking statement into the microphone during her kindergarten graduation ceremony.

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"Aria Albridge," the announcer shouts at the kindergarten graduation as the young child walks up on stage ready to accept her diploma. She then walks over the microphone and hands the folder to someone off stage. She grabs the microphone and speaks right into it — "I wanna be pregnant," she says loudly.

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The crowd gasps audibly and the TikToker recording the video pans their phone down as if out of shock, which then devolves into laughter, with scattered applause and guffaws erupting from the seats of folks who couldn't believe what they just heard from the kindergartner.

Des, in a caption for the video, gave a bit more context that explains why this child decided to walk up to a microphone and announce that she wants to be pregnant.

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It's because after they were done being presented with their certificate, they were then asked to let the folks in attendance know what they dreamed of doing when they were older. The unintentionally hilarious child probably dreamed of being a mother one day, which is what prompted her very direct proclamation into the microphone.

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"So, the kindergartners were presented with their graduation certificate. Afterwards, they were to tell everyone what they wanted to be when they grow up. All I’m going to say is that there is nothing more funnier and innocent than a Kindergarten graduation AND this is why…MY CHILD & MY CHILD ONLY" she wrote.

For different viewers, Des's video was humorous for various reasons. For many, it was obviously the statement her child made on stage in front of the entire school: "DID NOT expect that of ALL things to say."

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For another, it was the direct confidence in which the child approached the front of the stage: "The walk to the mic had me."

Other TikTok users on the application shared their own Kids Say the Darndest Things moment: "I remember a little girl in my class said she wanted to work at the local grocery store and have five kids just like her mama."

This wasn't the only funny kindergartner graduation moment that went viral online; TikTok user @bettyatthebarn posted a video of her own son who decided to take his diploma from his teacher in a rather unconventional way — by turning his head sideways and putting it in his mouth.

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And while there doesn't seem to be any dearth of kindergarten graduation on social media feeds — whether they are publicly viral clips that parents have made visible for the entire world to see — there are a lot of folks who are wondering just when graduation ceremonies for little ones became a thing ... because it didn't always seem to be this way.

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This post from GreatSchools.org, for instance, chronicled one mother's journey from being dubious to ultimately accepting that kindergarten graduation ceremonies exist.

A forum post on A to Z Teacher Stuff published way back in 2010 seemed to show a near-even split among polled users as to whether or not their schools actually throw graduation parties for 5–6-year-olds.

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And this Redditor doesn't seem to be too fond of the practice, either, as they uploaded a post asking when "graduating from preschool became a thing."

"Maybe I'm old-fashioned, maybe my hometown was different. But why the hell is preschool something you 'graduate' from? Cap and gown, really? For what, learning letters and not to c--- your pants?"

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They continued: "I'm excited my daughter is going to kindergarten next year, I love the values Montessori helped us to cultivate, but I'm not buying into this modern pomp and circumstance entitlement. BTW our daycare did not do this, but apparently every other friend of mine with a 'graduate' received this honor."

However, there was one person who responded to them stating that their own sibling had a pre-school graduation around 38 years ago ... so they've been around, at least in some places, for quite some time.

Did you or your kids have a kindergarten graduation?

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