Woman Orders One Pound of Green Beans Online From Kroger — and Gets One Single Green Bean Instead

Kroger gave this woman one green bean when she placed her order online. Are they downsizing? Here's what happened to this TikTok user.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jun. 12 2023, Published 5:47 p.m. ET

Ordering food from grocery stores became quite the norm during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses like Peapod and Instacart experienced a boom during an otherwise difficult time. While ordering delivery from restaurants has been an option for years, the concept of getting groceries delivered really changed the food game for many. They brought back milk arriving at your door! How vintage.

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Some grocery stores also allowed curbside pickup. You place your order online, and then someone who works at the store grabs everything for you and brings it to your car. What a dream! On occasion, customers would get an order that wasn't quite what they asked for. That's what happened to one woman after ordered online from her local Kroger. They went rogue. Here's what went down.

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It's true, Kroger gave this woman one single green bean.

You know how when you're ordering food for delivery and it's just for you, but the restaurant always throws in a ton of plasticware and sauce packets as if to say, "This can't possibly be for one"? Well, the opposite happened to TikTok user @haileydelynn, real name Hailey, when her mother tried to order a pound of green beans from Kroger.

"I have a question about how to order green beans online, the fresh green beans," said Hailey's mother to Kroger customer service, as seen in Hailey's video. "It says it's $2.19 a pound, and then I put in a quantity of one. Does that mean I get a pound of green beans?"

Presumably the customer service representative said yes.

"OK," said Hailey's mom, "I only got one green bean."

You're definitely reading that correctly. She literally received a single green bean. Did Hailey's mom ask for the Dickensian special?

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People in the replies immediately began to point fingers.

The first comment, coming in hot with over 151,000 favorites, came from a user named Laci: "Was it a male shopper? I feel like ... it was a male shopper." The floodgates were opened as people rushed to say the same thing. "I know it was a man that did that too," said a user named Lake.

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Sorry for the pile-on, men, but this appears to be a pattern that we cannot ignore!

"As someone who worked in Clicklist [Kroger's former name for its grocery pickup service] when it first started, it in fact was ALWAYS a male shopper. I was the one who had to take these calls," chimed in a user named Samantha.

Another interesting phenomenon was how often this happened to folks ordering bananas. One user said their mom once ordered 10 bananas and received 10 bunches. Another user said that when they ordered nine bananas, they received nine pounds of bananas. Imagine the amount of banana bread that came out of that faux pas?

Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if this is a movement by Big Can to get people out of the perimeter of the grocery store, where the fresh produce lives, and back into the canned goods. How else could one possibly explain people receiving a single potato, a single tomato, or a single stalk of celery? This is an inside job.

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