Landlord’s Wife Threatens to Contact Attorney Over Sidewalk Chalk Drawings

In a viral TikTok, a creator explained how something as innocent as chalk artwork escalated into a heated confrontation with her landlord’s wife.

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jun. 2 2023, Published 1:55 p.m. ET

There are countless ways to express oneself when it comes to art. Creativity knows no limits, whether it be through paint, pastels, or pottery. But for TikTok creator @varakaughn (Kara Vaughn), her landlord’s wife had a few thoughts about her choice of artistic expression.

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In her now-viral video, Kara revealed that the property owner had a few qualms about her use of sidewalk chalk — and things got rather messy. Here’s what went down.

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A landlord’s wife tells a tenant that using sidewalk chalk is disrespectful.

In her video, Kara explained how something as innocent as chalk artwork escalated into a heated confrontation with her landlord’s wife.

The creator prefaced that her landlord initially saw her drawing cartoon characters with chalk on the driveway of her building and seemed incredibly interested in them.

But because she hadn’t finished yet, Kara told him to return later to see the finished product. And when her landlord arrived the next day to check out the chalk art with his spouse, the situation took a turn for the worse.

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“She immediately tells me what I’m doing is disrespectful and not okay,” Kara revealed. The creator explained to the woman that the chalk would wash away as soon as it rained, but that explanation didn’t suffice.

According to the landlord’s wife, she had already let Kara “get away with a lot,” and she had disrespected her time and time again.

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But even after the chalk artist promised to wash away the artwork herself, the landlord’s wife continued to call her disrespectful because she didn’t ask for her permission beforehand.

And the confrontation escalated the moment Kara defended herself.

The landlord’s wife suggested Kara move out because of the sidewalk chalk fiasco.

The sidewalk chalk incident wasn’t the first time Kara experienced problems with her landlord’s partner. According to the creator, one-sided conflict frequently occurred, with the woman often flipping the script to paint Kara in a negative light.

Sadly, the chalk drawings on the driveway were seemingly the final straw. “Kara, we have conflict, and you’re disrespectful to me,” the creator recalled the landlord’s wife telling her. “I know there are other places to rent. So, if you don’t like it here, you could just leave.”

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After Kara stood up for herself and explained that she had always been compliant, the issue still escalated — even after the creator washed away the sidewalk chalk.

When Kara spoke to the landlord’s wife over the phone, the woman referred to chalk as “graffiti” and said she would contact the city because of Kara’s actions.

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“This is going to become a real problem for us then,” the landlord’s wife said when Kara pointed out what she was doing was perfectly legal. “You don’t want to live there, and you don’t want to abide by [my demands].”

The woman told the creator she was “disappointed” in her and threatened to contact her attorney. Not only that, but the woman continuously guilt-tripped the chalk artist by saying that she had little regard for the feelings of both her and her husband.

Commenters urged Kara to find a new place to live, saying the landlord's wife is "gaslighting" her. Others encouraged Kara to look up her renter's rights in case the landlord's wife attempts to make good on her threats to contact an attorney.

Hopefully, Kara won't be in such a difficult situation much longer!

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