We *NEED* to Book a Reading With 'Surviving Death's Laura Lynne Jackson


Jan. 20 2021, Published 9:31 p.m. ET

laura lynne jackson surviving death
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We will be the first to admit that we are far from experts when it comes to anything regarding the afterlife, but after watching Surviving Death, we decided we absolutely needed to learn more about medium Laura Lynne Jackson

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While some of the other psychic professionals we were introduced to in the six-part series might have made viewers skeptical about the connection between the spirit world and ours, Laura had us convinced she is the real deal.

So, who exactly is Laura Lynne Jackson, and how can you book an appointment with her for a reading of your own?

laura lynne jackson surviving death
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Who is Laura Lynne Jackson?

Laura Lynne Jackson's reputation precedes her. The author of The Light Between Us and Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe is known in the world of mediums for being remarkably accurate. In fact, she's appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, Good Day New York, The Today Show, and most recently, even Gwyneth Paltrow's 2020 docuseries The Goop Lab.

As Laura explains on Surviving Death, she first realized she had a gift as a young girl: "When I was 11 years old, my grandfather, who I was so close with and loved so very much, I had this moment of just knowing that I needed to see him." 

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"That sense of panic didn't go away until I got to his house and spent the day with him. And that was the last time I ever saw him alive. He ended up going to the hospital two days later, where he was diagnosed with advanced leukemia and he died within two weeks."

"Shortly after that, I confessed to my mother, 'I knew Pop-pop was going to die,'" Laura continued. "She said, 'You just have an extra ability. It's an extra way to perceive the energy around you. It's a beautiful gift. Don't be afraid of it.'"

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What struck us particularly about Laura is her overall humility when it comes to her shockingly accurate psychic readings. "I'm a medium and what that means is I can perceive consciousness from people who have left their physical bodies," she tells Mike Anthony, a man who visits several mediums throughout Episodes 2 and 3 in a quest to connect with his late father. 

But we don't see her remarkable abilities at play until Mike's family friend, Sue Walkley, whose daughter died unexpectedly at 35, consults her for a reading.

Unlike in other moments of Surviving Death, when we see different mediums offer their clients information that can be gleaned from the internet, Laura is 100 percent spot on when it comes to connecting Sue with her deceased daughter, despite having very little information about her.

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In a particularly touching moment that sent shivers down our spines, Laura even goes so far as to intuit that Sue is carrying a special talisman of her daughter's in her pocket.

"It's given me comfort that I never could have gotten in another way," reveals Sue after their session. But Laura is the first to explain that Sue can maintain a strong connection with her daughter with or without her services.

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"One of the biggest fallacies is that anyone ever needs to go to a medium to get signs and messages sent to them," Laura tells the camera. "While a medium session is important, it's really just meant to be a doorway for the sitter to start a much larger conversation with their loved one on the other side." 

"These signs and messages are always around us," she says.

So, how can you book your own reading with Laura?

Due to her immense popularity, we have come to learn that Laura is all booked up for the foreseeable future and has closed her wait list for now. 

"While I wish I could read for everyone immediately, the fact is, I cannot energetically do more than a few readings per week," she explains on her website. "Doing a reading feels like the 'energetic equivalent' of running a 5K to me; it zaps my energy and I need some time to re-energize between readings."

But there is a silver lining! In order to help a larger audience than she's able to accommodate on a one-to-one basis, Laura has begun doing workshops, group gallery reading events, psychic and spiritual development classes, and speaking engagements. 

So definitely subscribe to her mailing list to be kept up-to-date with where she'll be next — we'll see you there!

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